Friday, January 29, 2010

Dynamic Duo

The boys and I were sick today- so we were cooped up in the house because the weather is pretty cold outside. It was 60 degrees yesterday and I can see the confusion on their faces. Todd had some obligations tonight so, after all day inside (we tried to ride bikes for a minute- was just too cold) we came back inside and went stir crazy some more. Here is what we came up with. The boys are Batman and Robin, if you can't tell. No, they have not seen the movie. We're talking about us after all. Kira was the costume designer with a bit of help from Mama on Batman's mask. She copied it off a ball they had been given. All this with construction paper and tape. Just imagine when she graduates to cloth and thread. I started teaching her to sew (I'm really poorly equipped to teach something I know very little about) on the sewing machine yesterday. We had pieces of cloth and thread everywhere. But came out with about 4 new outfits for her home-made doll. She is creative, to say the least (she did not get that from me). Todd's busy again tomorrow morning- who knows where that will take us!


AH said...

Oh my boys! I miss them SO much! All of you guys! They have gotten so much older in their looks! Crazy! Give them HUGE hugs from me!

Wilson Family said...

Love it! Hard to believe how much they have grown already! Such sweet, sweet children! Give them all our love and you too!